Mal Karman
Mal Karman is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, journalist, filmmaker and published author of three books. He has been a script doctor on a number major motion pictures, has an Emmy to his credit, and recently wrote and directed a dramatic film about a young piano virtuoso who is torn between love and love of expression. Mal is an avid volleyball player, got his first byline as a teenager and still believes he is 17-years-old. You can read more about him at and

Dave Blum
Dave Blum is founder of Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts, a team-building company specializing in interactive treasure hunts. Dave earned his B.A. in English from Pomona College, then taught English in Japan for three years before discovering his destiny as a treasure hunt master, team-building trainer, and entrepreneur. You can read more about him at

Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson lives and works in Paris where he founded RobinSong Music, an English-language music publishing and record-producing company. He has also been lyricist on records that have sold more than 60 million copies and was a journalist in Washington, San Francisco and Paris, including years with Associated Press and United Press International.

Jeremy Venook
Jeremy Venook is a senior at Harvard College concentrating (read: majoring) in Social Studies with a secondary (read: minor) in Film Studies. On campus, he performs in plays, musicals, and dance shows, writes for the Harvard Crimson, is a Peer Advising Fellow, and teaches dance to elementary school students. Jeremy has recently embarked on a quest to watch all of the movies. It’s going pretty well.