One traveler on a spacecraft, among 5,000 who have been put to sleep for 100 years prior to landing on another planet, wakes up due to a malfunction of his suspended animation pod. That means Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) will long be dead by the time the ship lands for colonization.
His only company is a bartender who also happens to be an android with half a body and no sense of humor. Not only is Jim in deep space, he’s in deep shit. You see, he failed to buy trip insurance and he’s left with but three options: (1) ride it out, living a miserable, lonely existence;

(2) design a noble suicide for himself; (3) find a passenger with a sexy name and see to it her pod malfunctions so that, she too, wakes up. Well, what would you do if Jennifer Lawrence was laying there before you. That might be the obvious choice for half of us, but why not knock on the pod door of one of the great minds who created these hideaway beds? “Passengers” is a nifty vehicle for exploring the weighty topics of morality, mortality and loneliness, none of which bog down a decidedly perfect way to spend two stimulating hours. Lawrence and Pratt have a fair amount of chemistry and the screenplay by Jon Spaihts is as original as we’re going to find. Take a trip to outer space and discover the dilemmas that inhabit all of us.

– Mal Karman

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